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This novella is told in the puppy’s perspective, Available now on Kindle and Amazon

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This book starts out with an exciting premise: a demon, Israfel, is graduating and has one last assignment. He must possess a blind woman, Vafara, who is a musician/composer. This is one unusual demon. He has a secret artistic talent and is more intellectually gifted than his colleagues.

Israfel turns out to be quite charming, almost (and ironically) innocent. Vafara is good-hearted and open-minded. She is also a woman of faith, and when this comes into play, readers are likely to admire her integrity. It’s not hard to see why a friendship could spring out of this situation. Then it quickly becomes more than friendship. The author has drawn these two closer with realistic and beautiful scenes.

This Beauty and the Beast story is a fresh and inventive take on a well-loved theme. The world building is vivid, and the supporting characters are just right. It’s a love story, yes, but it has more profundity than some stories because though it is a spicy story with a hot love scene, it is also about depth of character, making the tale as a whole one not to forget. Those who enjoy angel and demon stories as well will probably like this one. Recommended.

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