About Roberta

Good Day!

My name is Roberta Bombonato and I have been hearing characters my whole life, but only writing their stories down since 2009. It’s like they all live inside me until they are released to paper, and they can be a rowdy/loud bunch!! I know when I would talk about them, people looked at me like I was a basket-case LOL It wasn’t until I met other authors that I realized I wasn’t crazy! Finding your tribe is essential! There are plenty of writing groups and social media can be a Godsend to not feeling alone in the real world.

I’m married to this handsome guy in the picture, and the funny thing is, I wrote him before I even met him, believe it or not. Yeah, he’s not a hit-man (from An Unconventional Family), but he was in the Special Forces and has plenty of personality quirks that Marvin did. We also have two dogs that are our children. Kent, my black Lab, is an untrained therapy dog. He was born this way, so immensely blessed by his beautiful soul! Pup, was found in the depths of our first apartment’s trash can and hubby saved him from the cold. Since then, we spoil him with love even though he is a crazy paranoid little creature who thinks everyone is out to kill him. With his tragedy start of life, we forgive him and love him anyway. We also have a parrot named Apollo. Him and I have a love/hate relationship with sweet moments in between. Hubby and him have a special bond, no denying it.

I have the best parents in the world. They support me in all of my ventures, giving me great advice along the way. Mom is the first to read my stories, every time! Baby brother is on the Broadway tour of Les Miserables and he is beyond talented. The way his charisma fills a room, instantly becoming friends with everyone. He just got married this year to the most driven lady I have ever met.

I suffer from PCOS (PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome) that used to debilitate me. I had it all my life, diagnosed in 2012. The weight gain wouldn’t stop which meant the inflammation took over. After that, the anxiety just snowballed and became bigger than me. My back made it very hard for me to do anything but feel sorry for myself, until in 2018, I found the KETOGENIC diet. The darkness has lifted, so I am such an advocate to this that I have a Youtube Channel (Ketonian Nerds) with Hubby and a food blog (https://ketoniannerds.home.blog/ ) with recipes, too.

By day, I work as a secretary in my parents’ building company. I dabble in AutoCAD when they need, too! By night, I write. Whether it be for my food blog or my stories. There is something to be said about finding your passion, because everything fell into place and I feel so ultimately blessed to have a friend like Lis’Anne Harris, author of Abandoned (https://lisanneharris.com/ ), because she pushed me to put myself out there as an author and as a foodie. Thank you, friend, and thank you for everyone who is stopping by this page to learn more about me.

All the stories with all the characters inside me would be nothing without the readers ;-D
Godspeed and God Bless