Ebook and Print Book of Blind Sympathy Releases!

Hi guys! After grueling months of writing and editing, Blind Sympathy is FINALLY available on Kindle and Amazon (Smashwords to come).

Today, I kinda wanna give a bit of insight into the setting of the book and also the main characters. To me, it is much more than a story. It is my hope for the afterlife, for the souls across time and space.

The woods serve privacy to the supernatural forces of good and evil that humanity is not ready to experience. Across the ages, a battle for souls has taken place. When Heaven and Hell have been at war for souls and contracts are fraught with loop holes, could an unexpected love tip the scale of balance and change the course of fate? 

Look at this remote cabin. What if you knew there was NO cell phone reception, no land line, no WIFI, but you bought it anyway? Odds are, you have the gift of sight, unlike Vafara. Her innocence is guarded by Angels.

Now why would she want to be alone in the woods with only her service dog for company? She is a composer, who plays ALL of the instruments in an orchestra. Violin is her favorite.

The busy city has a lot of sounds, smells, feels and everyone in her life, including her mother, walks around eggshells around her. Buying a cabin in the woods where she could be HERSELF and not her disability was a source of empowerment. This was how she was able to have new classical compositions, so her agent could turn into music tours.

Little did she know, she would be helping forces of darkness in isolating its prey…

illustration by Rob Tribby

So let’s say you were on Tinder and this image came up, would you swipe right? Come on, he has a good personality!
What if he had an eHarmony profile? He loves cooking, carving, and shape shifting.

Get scared like the Exorcist because Israfel’s last school assignment is to possess an innocent soul.

Music is SO powerful. Sounds can interpret emotions, set a scene in a movie, fill the silence, negate the void. Music has the ability to lift one’s soul, but what could it do to someone who does not have one?

It is NOT easy to love a Beast, NOT even when the beauty is blind.

Blind Sympathy is now available as an eBook and as a Print book. Get your copy today!

Vafara will fill your spirit with kindness and Israfel is bound to possess YOUR heart!

Thank you for joining me for my second Basket Case News Leak 😀

With love from the Author,

Roberta Bombonato.

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