*Meet Sonny* A Muse in Manhattan: Book 1 of The Stars of Destiny Chronicles

Tattoos were the only things keeping Sonny sane nowadays. The past was permanently on him, so there was no forgetting. Moving forward eluded him like a cruel dance where memories took the lead.

Not even a musical prodigy could escape the harshness of the world, especially when he was a child amongst adults in Julliard just trying to find his place to fit in. Heroin snatched his innocence and the road to redemption just kept getting longer.

There were many mistakes. So many mistakes.

Trust is sacred and delicate. The truth is not always simple. When you work as hard as Sonny did on his sobriety, withdrawals should not still be happening. Little did he know that there were supernatural forces behind this. His twin sister had seen the woman who could help him in her visions.

Will they ever find her?

A Muse in Manhattan, coming soon

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