*Meet Rita* A Muse in Manhattan: Book 1 of the Stars of Destiny Chronicles

In Rita and Sonny’s bloodline, there have been supernatural humans. Rita inherited the psychic powers from her maternal grandmother. This was the norm of the family, so she never felt alone or ostracized. Her husband, Kyle, supports her entirely as well. She had lead a very happy life so far. Sonny, on the other hand…

Even if she was the only one who believed her brother would succeed. One day she knew her family would be reunited again, forgiveness and all. Besides, the gift growing inside her would help with the mending. She knew the second Holly-Marie was conceived and she saw their lives unfold. But not only her baby would need Rita’s protection. Visions of kidnapped children never stopped. How could she give aid to the cops if they did not believe in what she could do?

Rita yearned to help, yet becoming a mother made it much more ardent. Sadly, even with her powers, there hadn’t been a way to use them in order to save her twin brother, Sonny. She has seen the woman that can, though.

Will Rita find her before Sonny goes down a rabbit hole he can’t crawl out of?

A Muse in Manhattan, coming soon

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