Meet Marvin, alias Azrael (character from AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY)


~*Character Introduction~*

-Meet Marvin, alias Azrael-

Age: 42

Retired Assassin

Father of adopted daughter Akemi and son Giovanni

Married to Carmen

Has to come out of retirement because of the imminent threat to New York City

Memorable Excerpt from AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY:

I remembered Bram when we were still considered friends. He confided in me about his past and how he had escaped from an assassin school for orphaned boys. If I had gotten away like he did, I would have chosen to get out of the profession all together. Not become the lead rogue and deal with the Mob. Not to start a school of my own recruiting boys over the age of eighteen.

And how did Juan get involved this mess?

Carmen’s brother had never been a saint, but to go from petty crimes to assassin school founded by my nemesis… it was all hard to swallow. Our paths were too closely connected for it to all be a coincidence. I knew better. And having it all stay quiet for ten years made my insides quiver.

A storm was due after the drought.

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