Meet Akemi (character from AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY)


~*Character Introduction~*

-Meet Akemi-

Age: 18
Adopted daughter of Carmen and Marvin
Sister of Vanni
MIT bound
Works at Okitasha Technologies
Self-taught hacker

Memorable Excerpt from AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY:

I don’t even know why I needed Paula because it wasn’t like I could tell her the real reason I was upset. I guess it made me feel normal to hear her blab about everyday stuff. The mundane happenings of the world she knew… or pretended to know shed light into the darkness always going on in my head.

She never told me the real reason her father died, but I knew because her father murdered my entire family and Dad killed him to stop him from killing me. He asked me once how I could stay friends with Paula knowing her dad was Bram.

I replied that she wasn’t her father and he dropped the subject.

AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY, book 2 in the Family Tree Series, releases on April 17th, 2020. Look for it on Amazon, Kindle, and #free on Kindle Unlimited! Catch up on Book 1: An Unconventional Family

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