*Meet Thalia* A Muse in Manhattan: Book 1 of The Stars of Destiny Chronicles

Thalia is one of nine muses on glorious Mount Olympus. She, like Gods and other beings, is immortal. Everyone has a job and they all affect humans on Earth in one way or another. A Muses’ job is to inspire, each Muse with a different specialty.

But to inspire someone, you must feel whole and very strong.

The centuries passed slower since the prohibition of Earthly visits. Inspiring remotely was just not the same for Thalia. If the soul has nothing to look forward to each day, depression can weasel its way and take over like a cold breeze from within.

When the Muse of Comedy can’t seem to find the humor in anything, what will become of her? Her heart shattering into a million pieces is where this Odyssey begins.

What doesn’t kill you can certainly make you stronger.

A Muse in Manhattan, coming soon to Amazon and Kindle

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