Meet JAKE (character from AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY)

Countdown to release of AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY: 6 days!


Age: 21

On the run, escaped from Bram’s School of Assassins

Moves into apartment over Carmen’s dance studio

Wants to be the best version of himself, despite the PTSD

Memorable excerpt from AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY:

Maybe for now, I could stop running. Spending all this time in a Canadian monastery really did revive my spirit and I finally felt free. Free of the past I didn’t choose, free from the bonds I had to break, free from the person I could never be.

I’d already put my Hummer for sale and a couple of people showed interest. This was the last piece of my old life and I enjoyed every second of this road trip to say goodbye. I looked on the passenger’s seat and glanced at the duffel beside me with the new wardrobe the monks provided me with. Underneath the clothes was all the money I received from selling my guns, knives, bombs. I wanted to leave the cash at the monastery to repay them for all they did for me, but they lived off the land and wouldn’t accept it. I built them a floating dock on the lake instead, yet a large sum of money still remained.

I wanted it gone.
All of it.

Maybe when I got to New York, I’d stumble upon a nice charity or maybe just change a hobo’s life entirely. I couldn’t believe what a difference it made to be able to sleep through the night. Before the monastery, I’d suffered from night terrors caused by PTSD.

Back then I’d been told it was an “occupational hazard” and I should get used to it.


Never Again. Fuck that.

AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY releases on April 17th, 2020
Look for it on AMAZON and KINDLE. Book 2 of the Family Tree Series. Catch up on Book 1: An Unconventional Family.

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