Meet Carmen (character from AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY)

AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY countdown til release: 4 DAYS!

~*Character Introduction~*

Meet Carmen
Age: 41

Profession: dance teacher, studio owner

Mother of adopted daughter Akemi, son Giovanni

Married to Marvin, alias Azrael

Sister of terrorist Juan

-Memorable excerpt from UNBREAKABLE FAMILY-

“Your brother might be in cahoots with Lissandro.” Marvin confessed.
“Juan?” I echoed my thoughts.
“Yeah and Jake fights like Bram.” Bram was the most evil man I never met. But he infected our lives and was doing so from beyond the grave now.
“How long have you known this?” I tried suppressing my explosive anger.
“We just met Jake.” Smart-ass.
“About Juan,” I snapped.
“Since the hospital.”
I remembered Marvin lying on the hospital bed after the whole escapade that happened with Bram ten years ago. Ten. Jake rolled to his side on the couch and his mouth opened in slumber.
“Cahoots with Lissandro doing what?” I asked, crossing my arms in front of my chest and looking away from Marvin’s blue eyes.
“We don’t know yet. Akemi broke the code.”
“What code?”
“I’ve been monitoring Lissandro and Juan’s conversations for the past ten years,” Nina interjected. “Here are the results from the plates I ran.” She handed some papers to Marvin. “You knew too, Nina?” Betrayal washed over me. And anger. Such anger.
“Jake’s hummer was first registered to Marcus Notribello,” Marvin sneered at Jake. “That’s why he fights like him.”

“Bram?” I needed to sit down.
“Is that why you knocked him out?” Nina asked.
“No. There’s more to his story,” Marvin’s eyes changed from hatred to empathy. “Babe, I want you, Akemi, and Vanni to leave—“
“Oh, hell no, Marvin Costa. We are not going down this road again. Last time, I almost died not being able to know what your plan was and I will not go through this again. Mark my words.”
“What do you suggest?” Marvin said with a condescending tone.
“We need to figure this out as a family,” I headed to the kitchen and started cooking to calm my nerves. “Vanni hasn’t eaten yet. I’m making dinner and we’re going to eat like a normal fucking family,” Nina and Marvin wanted to say something, but I talked louder. “We’re going to have a nice dinner without any of this crazy stuff and after I get Vanni to bed, we’ll all talk. Now, get out of my kitchen. You and Nina go to her office or whatever, but no one leaves this apartment. And that’s final.”
They left me to my apron. I held back tears.

Concentrate on a nice meal, Carmen. The best meal, if you can. It might be our last.

AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY, book 2 of the Family Tree Series, releases April 17th, 2020. Look for it on Amazon, Kindle, and #free on Kindle Unlimited. Catch up on Book 1 until then: An Unconventional Family.

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