Meet Vanni (character from AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY)

AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY countdown to release date: 3 DAYS!!

~*Character Introduction~*

-Meet Vanni-

Age: 10
Loves soccer and is proficient in self defense
Son of Marvin and Carmen
Brother of Akemi

Memorable Excerpt:
“Can we talk?” I sat on his bed and threw his dirty soccer practice clothes in the hamper.
“Mom, Rupert made my life hell. Why should I be sorry for taking my life back?” Vanni turned around on his desk chair, his eyebrows came together, and those piercing blue eyes he got from Marvin glared at me.
“It’s not that you got your life back, Papi. It’s the way you got it back I’m not sure about. Why don’t you tell me what happened?”
“After school I saw he was following me, so I went to the bathroom. When he was about to grab me to give me a swirley, I defended myself like this and like this, and this,” he reenacted what he did to the British demon child and it didn’t look violent, only effective.
“And he was scared when you pinned him down in three moves?” I couldn’t help but smile at his intensity.
“Yep and I told him not to bug me anymore. And I don’t think he will. Mama?”
“What, Baby?”
Vanni stood up and with his little hands on my knees, he leaned his body toward me. “It felt good,” he whispered.

AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY, book 2 of the Family Tree Series, releases April 17th, 2020. Look for it on Kindle, Amazon and #free on Kindle Unlimited. Catch up on Book 1: An Unconventional Family

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